R version 2.5.0 release notes

Указаны изменения относительно версии R 2.4.0.

Список изменений

RM-1135. Исправление nightly-сборок (Sprint 110)

  • Eliminate the remaining compilation warnings.

  • Eliminate compilation warnings.

RM-848. R. huntblock выборочный для определенных очередей. Реализация.

  • Fix includes and language.

  • Partial huntblock implemented (for selected hunts).

  • Selective huntblock is stored in state store, /api/admin/v1/state/set API accepts 'hunts' parameter. WIP.

RM-851. Chat. Выпуск функционала чатов. Реализация.

  • Chats are implemented via websocket.

  • WIP. Start fixing chats and implementing MVP functions.

RM-876. Исправление nightly-сборок (Sprint 107)

  • Update installer: check the output of supervisorctl reread and supervisorctl update commands.

RM-882. Сборка OktellStudio версии v2.2.3

  • Ручная корректировка release notes.


  • Added generated release notes.

  • Merged in release/CURP-2232 (pull request #1021)

    Release/CURP-2232 v/2.0.0
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